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Gunboat 72/02

M/Y Gunboat 72/02 recently underwent an extensive refit project, partnering with YG International to enhance its glass features. The project involved a 3D scan and reverse engineering process, followed by the manufacturing and installation of new glass components.

In close collaboration with the Gunboat 72/02 team, YG International conducted a thorough 3D scan of the yacht to capture precise measurements and dimensions. Using this data, they designed customised glass components that seamlessly integrated with the yacht's structure.

Once the designs were finalised, YG International's craftsmen manufactured

each piece of glass with precision and attention to detail. Quality was paramount throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the glass components met the highest standards.

The new glass components enhanced the yacht's aesthetics and improved its functionality and comfort.

For yacht owners looking to enhance their vessels, YG International offers tailored solutions to meet their specific needs. Explore YG International's expertise in glass manufacturing and installation to discover how we can elevate your yacht's design and performance.


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