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Gunboat 80/01

Gunboat 80/01 embarked on a new build journey, partnering with YG International to enhance its glass features from inception. The project commenced with a meticulous 3D scan and reverse engineering process to ensure precise measurements and dimensions for the custom glass components.

YG International then took charge of designing, manufacturing, and supplying the glass elements, seamlessly integrating them into the yacht's design. Every piece of glass was crafted with precision and attention to detail to meet the highest quality standards.

As the installation progressed, Gunboat 80/01 witnessed the transformation brought by the new glass features. Not only did they elevate the yacht's aesthetics, but they also enhanced its functionality and comfort.

For yacht owners aspiring to elevate their vessels, YG International offers tailored solutions to meet specific needs, ensuring both design and performance are top-notch. Explore our expertise in glass manufacturing and installation to create a yacht that exudes excellence from bow to stern.


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