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M/Y Slipstream

M/Y Slipstream recently underwent a significant upgrade, partnering with YG International to enhance its glass features. The focus was on installing patio doors and a top deck bar glass, aiming to seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces while adding to the yacht's visual appeal.

In close collaboration with Slipstream's crew, YG International meticulously designed the glass features, ensuring they complemented the yacht's layout and style. Once the designs were finalised, their craftsmen worked diligently to manufacture each piece of glass with precision.

As the installation progressed, Slipstream underwent a remarkable transformation. The new glass features not only improved the yacht's aesthetics but also enhanced its functionality and comfort.

The partnership between M/Y Slipstream and YG International demonstrates how attention to detail can enhance the yachting experience. By prioritising quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design, the project achieved impressive results.

For yacht owners looking to upgrade their vessels, YG International offers tailored solutions to meet their specific needs. Explore YG International's expertise in glass installations to discover how we can enhance your yachting experience.


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